A new milestone

My entire year has been a series of milestones to changing my life and the start of this month I hit another one.  When I first separated from the X, I tried to stay focused on some of the positive things.  I do this with most things actually, as a way to keep going through… Continue reading A new milestone

Ravioli Day

  My family has this wonderful tradition every year where we get together before the holiday season starts to make hundreds of ravioli by hand.  My grandmother started this tradition well before I was born.  She was the true superwoman that would wake up at the crack of dawn, crank out 1000 ravioli by herself… Continue reading Ravioli Day

The in-between period

Shortly after the brief conversation of divorce things didn't seem all that different.  We discussed the logistics of selling the house and getting a lawyer.  We decided to split the house with the kids so that their worlds weren't changed too drastically.  He (the X, as I will refer to him going forward) would move… Continue reading The in-between period

The background story

At the beginning of 2017 I had a pretty normal life.  I had a husband and two amazing daughters who are so smart and gorgeous and just adore their parents.  We had a ton of family and friends and we loved to socialize. We had a calendar full of events at all times and we… Continue reading The background story