A Reinvention and the Birth of Wod Woman

If you follow me already you haven’t seen a post from me in a while. Formerly wineandhumor.com, I wrote mostly about my struggles with getting divorced, navigating the dating world as a single mom, and coping with my father’s battle with cancer. While all of this is still a part of my life most of these things have been resolved. My father has been passed for over a year and we have endured all of the first holidays, birthdays, and events without him. My ex-husband is now just that, an ex, and we are working on co-parenting, taking it day by day. I am accustomed to the single life, dating some, but mostly focused on enjoying my two daughters as they settle in to new routines, and working on myself, mentally and physically.

As I close chapters and the events that bridge my past life to my current one, I now am focused on bigger things. Who is this new person and what are her values? How do I block out the noise and focus on what’s really important? While I recognize the importance of understanding the past, I won’t dwell on it. I have learned from it and I can keep propelling forward. As far as the future, I can appreciate the idea of not having a complete plan. I no longer fear the unknown, but rather embrace it.

I have been reinvented, and therefore so has this blog.

I will be sharing how I got to this point and my journey through falling in love with fitness and health. Talking about how self-care is more than just manicures and massages. Getting into how your mental strength can improve your physical strength as well as the reverse. A foodie at heart, I will share recipes and tips for fueling your body. I am loving whoever this new me is and I can’t wait to continue on this new adventure in a much more balanced mindset with Possibility, Positivity and Peace!

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